ked in the light of contemporary life style. They tend to smoke and drink more than women so their bodies need more attention. Apart form the unhealthy lifestyle the stress is also major concern for men’s health. As some of them simply relate themselves to the work they do, the work burdens are commonly seen affecting their health the most. extenze reviews

A few health related problems are such that affect men alone as prostate cancer and low testosterone. Various health problems seen in men can be prevented or treated if caught at early stages like colon cancer or heart diseases. Screening tests come at rescue here. So, it becomes important for every man to go for regular screenings or clinical checkups. And this is the good news that these diseases can be cured as well as prevented.Men should be well aware of various risk factors to avoid any health problems. Although there are a few genetic ones which can’t be avoided at all but many others are in your control. Consult your doctor on various issues to reduce risk factors. Ask that how frequent you should make him visits and what all are the screenings, vaccines and tests which you may need. This way you can take good care of your health and can fully be incharge of your health issues.It has been seen that usually men do not take as much care of themselves as women do. Majority of them also die soon due to various health problems. They have been seen having the most unhealthy behavior and are less interested in taking preventive health measures. But if men start taking care of themselves they’ll surely lead longer and healthy lives.Various symptoms that men should keep an eye on are:

Check any change in bowl or bladder routine. If there is this is a clear indication of prostate or bladder problems. If you notice blood in urine, this may be an indication of kidney problem. And if you get up 4-5 times at night to go to toilet it can be a symptom of enlarged prostate which is commonly seen in men as they grow in age. If there is erectile dysfunction or impotence it can be due to some other health related problem. You may be facing diabetes, high blood pressure or may have clogged arteries. So, do not just let down and take it seriously as your body is suffering hugely.Do not leave unchecked if you are facing any of the health problems as continuous backaches, change in color of urine and stool, lumps on body, persistent cough, pains and headaches, chest pains, change in colors of warts and moles etc. Get yourself checked up by a doctor if you face any of these.


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